Welcome to Pawlavie!

Pawlavie is dedicated to incorporating all-natural ingredients into a range of quality, nutritional and body care products. Our products are formulated according to Max Biocare’s stringent standards for quality, safety and health, and for optimal wellness and vitality. 
Our furry companions are part of the family, so naturally, we want what’s best for them. 

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Welcome to Pawlavie!

Our furry companions are part of the family, so we naturally want what’s best for them. Pawlavie is dedicated to incorporating all-natural ingredients into a range of quality nutritional and personal care products, formulated according to Max Biocare’s stringent standards for quality, safety and health, for optimal wellness and vitality.


What We Care For

Making your furry friend look, feel, and smell their best!


More than 20 years in pharmaceuticals, nutrition and healthcare


Using our own local ingredients from Gippsland, Victoria, grown according to organic principles in Australia


More than 75% of our R&D team are Doctoral-level health scientists


Our Story

Pawlavie: Friends for Life

Pawlavie was born from the love of our furry family members. Our very name, Pawlavie, comes from the French term “pour la vie” which translates to “for life”. After all, we are pet owners ourselves and know that our lives revolve around theirs.

With our knowledge of a science background and our understanding of the benefits of natural ingredients and products, we created customised and evidence-based formulations for cats and dogs of specific ages and coat types.

We strive to care for animals with the same level of dedication and respect that we insist on for ourselves. Our stringent standards of quality and safety, and track record in human health provides the “paw-fect” formula to achieving this goal.

Salvia Extract

Anti-inflammatory Effects

Lavender Extract

Soothing & Calming

Naturally-Derived Ingredients

Our furry friends benefit from the goodness of nature's ingredients, which provide nourishment and healing for their health and wellbeing.
Natural and wholesome
Easy to digest
Enhance taste
Promote well-being
Support local communities
Free from additives

Our Products

As dedicated parents of our “fur babies”, we are acutely aware of ensuring that they remain healthy on the inside and outside. Pawlavie delivers innovative and natural topical and oral health products to put our time-tested principles of quality and care into practice.
  • Washing
  • Coat Oil
  • Coat Spray
  • Nose & Paw Care


Gentle on your precious dog, but tough on dirt.

Featuring Colloidal Oatmeal, Hemp Seed Oil, Max Biocare’s proprietary Herbal Honey and Cedarwood Oil, our Gentle Dog Wash will cleanse, protect and deodorise your furry family member!

Scientifically Formulated

Made with 94% naturally derived ingredients and pH balanced to suit canine skin & coat.

For Dogs of All Coat Types

Designed to suit the unique needs of different skin and coat types.


Keeping your shaggiest family members cute and irresistible!

Our Nourishing Coat Oil will help to detangle and keep your pet’s coat manageable and luxuriant.

With 10 Plant Oil Blend

Protective blend of ten selected plant-based oils to keep coat shiny and dry skin soothed.

Convenient & Easy Application

Spreads well and is easily absorbed into coat.


Say goodbye to knots and welcome soft, lush fur!

Our scented Coat Care Spray deodorises and detangles knots gently, helping to maintain and nourish the coats of even the fussiest of felines.

Scientifically Formulated

Made with 97% naturally derived ingredients and pH balanced to suit feline skin & coat.

Convenient & Easy Application

Simply spray to keep your precious cat’s coat smooth and detangled.


Giving that little bit of extra special care that may be needed!

Featuring our UltraSootheTM  Blend, our Soothing Nose & Paw Balm  provides a soothing, protective layer around affected areas while maintaining softness & moisturisation.

Scientifically Formulated

Made with 95% naturally derived ingredients and pH balanced to suit feline skin & coat.

Protects & Recovers

Maintains integrity of easily cracked, irritated or dry areas after exposure to outdoor elements.

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Gentle Dog Wash 500ml – for dog of all coat types


COAT CARE SPRAY (For cats of all ages)




See what everyone is barking about...

An essential for detangling messy knotted fur.

The Nourishing Coat Oil is a lifesaver in detangling my long haired dogs knotted coat. It also leaves her fur looking shiny and healthy.

Convenient and effective.

As an owner of a really fussy cat that hates water, Pawlavie’s Waterless Cat Shampoo and Coat Care Spray provides a great alternative to baths. It helps to keep his fur clean and smelling great without the hassle of getting scratched…

Gets rid of crusty, dry paws.

I’ve been trying to find something to help nourish my dog’s cracked paws. I was really impressed by how quickly the Soothing Nose & Paw Balm made his paws softer without any irritation.

Blessed with Gippsland’s natural produce

Our proprietary plant-derived ingredients are grown in our Research Park, located in Gippsland, Victoria. There, we have created a sustainable, permaculture garden with organic-inspired practices, just as nature intended.
Sometimes, animals can be more human than humans.

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