Our Ingredients

Max Biocare is dedicated to developing innovative, naturally-derived medicinal and nutritional ingredients of the utmost purity and quality for our animals’ health and well-being. 

Our intensive, ongoing research and development involves our own internal processes, as well as collaboration with external institutes and specialist laboratories, to ensure that we maintain our high standards of quality, safety and reliability in our raw material outputs.  

A growing and extended portfolio of materials, including: bee-derived substances; selected medicinal herbal extracts & essential oils; and freeze-dried nutritionally-packed fruits & vegetables have been developed and are being used in products for both our beloved pets and families.

MBc Herbal HoneyTM

Pawlavie products utilise Max Biocare’s own raw honey material, with a sustainable profile and premium quality that comes from a diverse range of thousands of herbal and medicinal plant varieties, fruit trees, and native plants (including Manuka and Banksia) at the Max Biocare Research Parks. 

Our honey offers unique antimicrobial and antioxidant benefits that help to provide the perfect natural balance for optimal pet health and comfort. 

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Freeze-dried natural produce

Pawlavie uses our own hand-crafted, freeze-dried ingredients, which have the advantage of convenience and a long shelf life, while retaining the nutritional value of the source plants. This also minimises the use of preservatives in our nutritional products and maximises the flavour.