Meet our “Paw-fessionals”


Rusky is a 14-year-old Siberian husky who enjoys sleeping all day, going for walks and chasing possums. He is an intellectual dog who can say “hello”, has conversations with neighbours and pretends not to listen when given a command. His humans think that Rusky thinks he’s the social one in the family. He also smiles when patted on the head and purrs like a cat, although it sounds like snoring! Rusky sure is a one-of-a-kind husky.


Teddy is a lovable troublemaker who never fails to charm others regardless of his mischevious ways. This muscular boy is extremely affectionate, giving violent headbutts and bites to show his love. He is naturally curious and needs constant supplies of foods to energise him for his daily adventures.


Benji is a cheeky boy who always has a big smile on his face, enjoys belly rubs, daily zoomies in his backyard and playing one-way fetch (ie. bringing a tennis ball back to his human friends but not dropping it). He also loves giving fist bumps and looking out the window. Benji is very well-behaved at home, although once he is out for walks everything goes out the window.


Xena is the newest addition to the family! The baby budgie loves fluttering about in her lodge, as well as poking her bird seed everywhere! On nice days, she also enjoys having her lodge placed outside, to soak up the warm weather. She loves to chirp and enjoys hearing the theme song to the Jeopardy game show. Her family loves everything about her!


Mochi is a beautiful and playful feline with an interesting personality. She can be quite cheeky at times, especially when she’s in a playful mood. She is also very specific when it comes to food and treats, like only wanting fish and catnip dental treats; of course, only the rich kind of food for Mochi. She also has a fascination with round-shaped objects, including her human’s hair tie, which she enjoys stealing and playing with. Last but not least, when Mochi was a kitten, she had a beautiful brown hazelnut fur, yet as she has gotten older, her fur has now changed into a dark brown colour. Mochi would say, she just turned from a princess to a queen.


Anakin is our resident Jedi Master! His human tells the tale of him joining the family:

“When we brought Anakin home, he was only six months old. I wanted to name him “Homer”, but my kids said that Homer Simpson was quite dumb. Then I was thinking of a more noble name like “Richard”, but my kids said that they don’t love the British royals. Finally, I decided to give him a name from the Star Wars character and my kids were thrilled! Anakin the “Jedi” puppy!

He is very playful, yet naughty at home, but when he is out and about, he is like a mouse, quiet and well behaved. Overall, he is a very good companion to children, and is dearly loved by his family!


Katara is a very affectionate, yet independent, cat. She is very much an indoor cat, though also enjoys laying in the sunshine on a bright & sunny day. Her favorite hobbies include using her scratching post, exploring in the garden and sleeping in any cosy place she can find. Her family loves her and her long whiskers so much!


Patch is an energetic boy. He loves going on walks and playing with his tennis ball. Funnily enough, he is quite possessive of his tennis balls and is pretty cheeky with them, yet as soon as his humans take them away, he is a loving and good boy.


Nellie is a cute and loving dog, who is sweet and cheeky in her own little ways. Firstly, Nellie always makes sure she is by the garage door around 7pm, wanting to be the first one to greet her humans when they arrive home. Often, when her family are having a meal on the table or lounge area, she comes up and gives them a pitiful look (such as in the 2nd photo). She won’t stop or move until she has received her fair share of food, so the look obviously works for her! Her humans have also learned to never play tricks on her, especially if when feeding her, as she definitely knows how to count her Milky sticks and knows her brand of Milky sticks/straps as well – one day, her humans tried giving her beef straps and veggies instead, and she was not a fan! Nellie also has a particular way of making sure her left-over bones are aligned together. If she had a job, she would fit perfectly in a QA or Accounts position! Aside from her cheeky tendencies, Nellie really loves cuddles and tummy rubs!


Josie is a dainty little miss with a massive and sassy personality. She loves head pats and sunbathing, and never fails to use her powerful meow to boss around her human servents. Josie is extremely fussy when it comes to food – only the best chicken and prawns, and never veggies!

Elliot, Glenn, Josh

  • Elliot loves being next to his humans at all times, sunbathing in the sun and curling up with his humans in bed.  
  • Glenn is the social one out of all the family, loving to make a second home at the neighbour’s house. He has done so in each of the three houses his family have lived in so far, making him a very popular boy among the neighbourhood. Everyone knows his name and gives him a pat when they see him.  
  • Josh is a super affectionate rescue kitty, often nuzzling his head under his humans’ hand, to force you to pat him.  
  • Most importantly, all three of the boys enjoy snuggling up together.