Our Mission

Pawlavie strives to fulfil our promise of providing the highest quality pet-friendly products that are safe, effective and naturally-derived. This rests on our exceptional standards of quality and sustainability via a wide range of initiatives and strategies.

Pawlavie’s roots can be traced back to the unique evidence-based approach to quality in naturally-derived products adopted by the Max Biocare Group, which maintains over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical sciences, nutrition and natural healthcare. In that time, Max Biocare Group has developed a rigorous quality management system (QMS) that exceeds industry standards for safety and reliability, making us one of the most trusted brands in healthcare.

Sustainable Partnering

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Community Outreach

We promote an increased awareness and understanding of natural sciences and sustainability, through our tailored school education programs.

Sustainable Packaging

We choose to use recyclable, BPH-free packaging where possible, and follow the Australian Packaging Covenant Organization (APCO) guidelines.

Circular Economy

We aim to save valuable resources by only focusing on products with proven safety and effectiveness, by reclaiming waste materials, and through our green future approach to land management.

Green Research

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, Pawlavie incorporates our own innovative and unique naturally derived ingredients into each of our products, developed at Max Biocare Research Parks.

The First Max Biocare Research Park - Natural Inspirations@Yinnar

Located in Yinnar, within the picturesque heartland of South-West Gippsland, the Max Biocare Research Parks’ principal operation is the focal point of our dedication to practical innovation in naturally-derived ingredients and products. It embodies all our guiding principles of innovation, research, development, quality, ethical practices, and sustainability.

We are blessed with abundant and natural resources that we manage with sustainability in mind. This includes intertwining water storage containers of over 4500m2 of surface area, where we capture Gippsland’s abundant rainfall.

The Park’s flora boasts an impressive collection of thousands of medicinal plant varieties, including indigenous and exotic species. There are also over 50 species of fruit trees, as well as re-established indigenous trees and shrubs. Our hard work has rewarded us with an increasing population of indigenous fauna, which is a testament to the health of the land.

Our extensive floral collections at Yinnar support all-year-round flowering, which keeps our growing and flourishing bee colony happily buzzing around, enjoying the sweet nectar and nutritious pollen that goes toward making our bee-derived materials, including our Herbal Honey.


The Second Max Biocare Research Park - Mar-Nuka Bay

Our Mar-Nuka Bay site at Langsborough in Southern Gippsland provides another, more protected conservation area rich in native Manuka tea trees (Leptosperm scoparium), which we have dedicated to our honeybees.

It is located close to the sea, in the middle of an area with 257 hectares of native forest. Most of this native forest has high Strategic Biodiversity Value (between 91-100), ranking it among the highest of land biodiversity values in Victoria.

Note: Strategic Biodiversity Values denote the vegetation type and condition of land, therefore allowing for a rating of the relative land value.

It is also an area with large state government reserves and a heritage inventory that prevents land development, guaranteeing our bees a continually-ample supply of natural foraging substances from a diversified collection of native plants (particularly Manuka & Banksia species).


Our Research Parks have allowed us to further our commitment and contribution to a more sustainable future, driving innovation that benefits both society and the environment. From here, our unique, premium, proprietary blends are scientifically-investigated and purified for incorporation into our various product ranges. Among these blends are our bee-derived produce, including our bee venom, honey, and various compounds high in antioxidants.

As a result of our clean and circular economic approach, we have earned the Gippsland Trusted Provenance seal of approval.